Spoken from the Heart

 I wrote this some years ago and always have it with me in my Bible.


Spoken from the Heart


I often say I find it hard to hear you speak to me

To know your voice, to know your will, to know the way to be

I sometimes sit and listen and hope to hear from you

But my mind constantly wanders to the things I have to do


I talk to you throughout the day as I go about my tasks

But I never hear that “heavenly voice” that answers when I ask

People say “God spoke you know” and it always puzzles me

My life is oh so silent – the only voice is me


Then I look back and I see my life, the way you’ve led me through

The things I’ve done, the way they’ve worked, it must be down to you

The miracle of healing, my husband and my home

The work you’ve given us to do to bring the lost back home


And as I read the Bible, your words stand clear apart

“I will put my laws into their minds and write them on their hearts

So I know I can move forward, in your love there is no fear

You’re teaching me and leading me in your way, year after year


I realise now, you live in me and so direct my thoughts

Decisions that I make are by the Holy Spirit brought

As I lay my life before you and let you have your way

I don’t need to hear a voice out loud for you to have your say


So in future I won’t say to folk that I find it hard to hear

I’ll explain how you have better ways to take away our fear

How you fill us with your Holy Ghost, so we can always know

That you will keep us on your path and guard the way we go



written by Targe 



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