God is ... ?

God is Sovereign

22nd November - Tim Rowlands

Today we're looking at how God is Good. We explore how the goodness of God is expressed in terms of his holiness and his love. The goodness of God leads to a life of gratitude, a blessed life and ultimately hope.

God is Sovereign

15th November - Tim Rowlands

Today we are going to be tackling a fairly big topic, God is Sovereign. Wow, what a concept, what an idea. If you have been in the church world for a long time or if you are a Christian or perhaps you have some other religious background, this is an idea that is often associated with God.

God is Faithful

8th November 2020 - Tim Rowlands

We’re in the middle of a theme at Festival, the theme is God is …? We’re asking the question what is God like. Because it’s a really important question not only for the sake of “oh isn’t that interesting, wouldn’t that be good to know”. It’s one of those questions that I think everyone at some point in life asks. 

God is Missional

1st November 2020 - Tim Rowlands

Today for Festival Church, it is Mission Sunday and we’re really excited about how God uses us to reach out to others. We are in the middle of a theme called God Is…? We’re asking questions about what God is like because we think it is really important, not just to know God, but how knowing Him affects every aspect of our lives. 


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