Apprentice to Jesus

Our Lent series this year sees us explore the 40-day devotional "Apprentice to Jesus".

Easter Sunday

4th April - Tim Rowlands

As we celebrate Easter Sunday this year, Tim looks at the new time that is ushered in with the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Therefore go

28th March - Roger Cloete

Roger wraps up our Apprentice to Jesus series by looking at the Great Commission: Therefore go and make disciples of all nations.

God Knows You

21st March - Erold Ferreira

Erold takes us through Psalm 139, looking in to just how much God knows you and loves you.

Mother's Day

14th March - Emily Rowlands

For Mother's Day this year, we look at the life of a special mother, Mary, the mother of Jesus and explore just what we can learn from her relationship with Jesus.

Thermometer or Thermostat

7th March - Anthony Jeremy

Are you a thermometer or a thermostat? Are you going to be influenced or are you going to be one who influences others? Pastor Anthony explores this important question today.

The place where we are

28th February - Rob Forrest

Pastor Rob explores what helped him on his own discovery of Jesus and will be sharing his Why, Who and How of sharing our faith in God.


21st February - Kaz Gratton

Who or what are you protected by? We look to Psalm 91 to find that "He is my refuge and my fortress"


14th February - Tim Rowlands

This Lent we are going to be following a 40-day devotional series together entitled "Apprentice to Jesus". We want to ask the question "Does my life look like that of Jesus and, if not, how do I get there?".


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