Recent Talks

Catch up on our recent talks from our Sunday services. 

Apprentice to Jesus

Our Lent series this year sees us explore the 40-day devotional "Apprentice to Jesus"

The place where we are

28th February - Rob Forrest

Day 12

Pastor Rob explores what helped him on his own discovery of Jesus and will be sharing his Why, Who and How of sharing our faith in God.


21st February - Kaz Gratton

Day 5

Who or what are you protected by? We look to Psalm 91 to find that "He is my refuge and my fortress"


14th February - Tim Rowlands


This Lent we are going to be following a 40-day devotional series together entitled "Apprentice to Jesus". We want to ask the question "Does my life look like that of Jesus and, if not, how do I get there?".


A five-week mini series focusing on 1 Corinthians 15 57-58

Your labour is not in vain

31st January - Tim Rowlands

Your labour in the Lord is not in vain

In the finale #Steadfast series, Tim tackles the last part of the verse exploring just what is possible when we work with the Lord.

Always give yourselves fully

24th January - Tim Rowlands

Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord

In part 4 of our 5 week #Steadfast series looking at 1 Corinthians 15 57-58, our senior Pastor Tim is exploring just what the work of the Lord is.


17th January - Kaz Gratton

Let nothing move you

Kaz is exploring how to be immovable and questioning where we are building our lives and what are we immovable on.

Stand firm

10th January - Tim Rowlands

Therefore dear brothers and sisters, stand firm

Tim explores how standing firm leads us to explore Who do I know? Who will save me? and Who do I trust? The answer - Jesus!

Thanks be to God!

3rd January - Tim Rowlands

Thanks be to God! For He has given us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Tim starts off the series giving thanks for 2020 and how we can respond to that moving into 2021.



20th December - Tim Rowlands

Tim Rowlands rounds of our advent series exploring hope. Our hopes and fears are met in Jesus. Jesus is the hope of the world and my prayer for you is that you will discover Jesus and the hope that He brings.


13th December - Emily Rowlands

The Joy of the Lord is our strength. Joy is something that can empower us, that can give us the ability to move forward when things are tough.


6th December - Gavin Calver

Gavin Calver from the Evangelical Alliance brought us a powerful message this week about Focus, Looking for God in the right place and the obstacles in our lives that keep us from Jesus.


29th November - Kerry Perry

Today is the first Sunday of Advent and we have 4 themes for 4 Sundays: Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. Our Carol Service on the 20th is all about HOPE, today, we’re looking at LOVE.

God is ... ?

God is Good

22nd November - Tim Rowlands

Today we're looking at how God is Good. We explore how the goodness of God is expressed in terms of his holiness and his love. The goodness of God leads to a life of gratitude, a blessed life and ultimately hope.

God is Sovereign

15th November - Tim Rowlands

Today we are going to be tackling a fairly big topic, God is Sovereign. Wow, what a concept, what an idea. If you have been in the church world for a long time or if you are a Christian or perhaps you have some other religious background, this is an idea that is often associated with God.

God is Faithful

8th November 2020 - Tim Rowlands

We’re in the middle of a theme at Festival, the theme is God is …? We’re asking the question what is God like. Because it’s a really important question not only for the sake of “oh isn’t that interesting, wouldn’t that be good to know”. It’s one of those questions that I think everyone at some point in life asks. 

God is Missional

1st November 2020 - Tim Rowlands

Today for Festival Church, it is Mission Sunday and we’re really excited about how God uses us to reach out to others. We are in the middle of a theme called God Is…? We’re asking questions about what God is like because we think it is really important, not just to know God, but how knowing Him affects every aspect of our lives.