Welcome to the Festival Church Brand Guidelines. This page is to give you an insight and guide to the brand of Festival Church, including logos, colours and fonts. 

If you're not sure about anything, or think anything needs to be added, please get in touch.

For access to the Festival Church logo pack, please contact Kerry at kerry.parry@festival.church.



Main Logo

Our main logo is comprised of a logomark: the circled "F" symbol and a logotype: Festival Church. The relationship of these elements should not be altered in any way.

The elements have been customised for the brand, therefore please do not recreate or retype the elements.

Local Logos

We also have several sub-logos for each local church congregation, consisting for the main logo, along with the congregation name in that site's allocated colour. 

Submark / Icon

The submark, or icon can be used as a decorative brand elements, as well as a document footer or a stamp.

Logo Colour Usage

The dominant colours for our logos is the purple-pink-orange gradient with the purple-black text. For primary usage, the gradient logo should be used against a light background whenever possible. For a dark background, the gradient logo with white text should be used. 

For secondary usage, the logo can be used in pure black against a light background, or pure white against a dark background.

Logo Clear Space

It is important to keep our main logo clear of any other graphic elements. To regulate this, clear space should be included around the logo. This exclusion zone is easily identified by the height of the "Festival Church" text element of the logo.

When working in print, the logo should be at least the distance of the diameter of the circular F element of the logo away from the edge of the page.

When working digitally, the logo should be at least the distance of the height of the "Festival Church" text element of the logo away from the edge of the page, and whenever possible from a design perspective, should be at least the distance of the diameter of the circular F element of the logo away from the edge of the page.

To ensure legibility and clarity, please do not scale the logo below the recommended size. The main logo should be no smaller than 1.5cm wide.

Bilingual Logo

A bilingual logo is available for Festival Church sites within Wales. The bilingual "Eglwys Festival Church" logo can be used optionally, in relation to local mission in Welsh sites.

The English-only version of Festival Church logo will always be used on internal documentation and design, for shared resources and on design that is the same across all sites. 

Incorrect Usage

  1. Do not rotate or flip the logo.
  2. Do not compress or stretch the logo.
  3. Do not place elements within the logo clear space.
  4. Do not rearrange parts or create compositions that are not provided in the guideline.
  5. Do not resize any part of the logo.
  6. Do not add unofficial elements to the logo.
  7. Do not use off-brand colours. Always refer to the colour usage section.
  8. Do not add special effects to the logo such as 3D effects.


Main Colours

Our main brand colours consist of an equal gradient between the purple, pink and orange logo colours. This is accompanied a the dark purple-black.

Logo Purple


Logo Pink


Logo Orange


Logo Dark


Local Colours

Each local congregation has an allocated colour. This colour should be used as the primary brand colour for this site whenever possible.


Strawberry #eb443c


Grape #882887


Salmon #ea4256

Old Colwyn

Plum #aa2d78


Orange #f16822


Raspberry #c82f62


Sienna #ed603c


Logo & Title Fonts

The font used for the Festival Church Logo is Aller, with "Festival Church" in Aller Bold, and the local congregation name in Aller Regular, all caps, in a smaller with wider kerning.

Aller can also be used sparingly for title fonts.

You can download Aller from Adobe Fonts, if you have access to an Adobe CC account.

If you do not have access to Adobe CC, you can download the font here.


Body Text Fonts

Our body text font is minimal, modern sans serif, easy to read and uncomplicated. 

Wherever possible, Open Sans should be used as the body text font. For titles and subtitles, Open Sans Bold can be used in a larger font size.

If it is not possible to use Open Sans, Calibri (available as a default font on Microsoft Windows) is a suitable alternative.

You can download Open Sans from Google Fonts here.

Open Sans


Additional Information

For additional information, design requests or any further questions, please contact Kerry at kerry.parry@festival.church


Festival Church (England and Wales). Registered charity number 1188521.